About Maynard

About Maynard

A man of many passions. Current Graduate for Sound Engineering, Entrepreneur, Social Media and website builder, Real Estate Investor, Semi-pro Bowler, Dancer and Ballroom Instructor, DJ and Karaoke host, Sports enthusiasts,  health, and exercise.  Teaching, Coaching helping others when ever possible is an awesome feeling.


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I come from a wonderful neighborhood in California supported by a loving family.  My mother passed a few years ago and my father is still going strong at 89.  He is an awesome father and I love him very much.  Without the love of my parents and brothers I would not have the life and choices today.

During my earlier years I have been a semi-professional bowler, a ballroom dancer & instructor. A  Mechanical Engineer for 32 yrs.  Now I have started a new business. Some of my hobbies and side jobs are: DJ, Karaoke Host, Computers, Real Estate Investing and flying drones.  These experiences have positively inspired me to be who I am today.

Now that I have reached the prime of my life, I am compelled to search out my mission and pay back to the Universe.  I am now experiencing new pathways opening up to me.  I  graduated from LA Film School with honors as a Sound Engineer. This was an awesome experience.  I’m now working for myself doing music, photos and videos.  My new business is taking real estate photos and making virtual videos for agents.  Also my good friend and business  partner Michael G are in process of doing some music videos and documentaries and now working with drone footage.  Look us up on vdore.media  and at vdo.media

I feel grateful for the people who have entered my life.  Through their support and their positive influences, this spurred my drive for helping others by Paying It Forward. I know that my life is abundant and others around me will benefit from my  joy with life and happiness.  I have recently gotten married and my new family has been very supportive and gracious with accepting me into their lives.  My wife has been one of the main reasons I am doing what is making me happy.  There is No stress and I love her dearly.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read about me and my blog.  I value your comments so please help me grow.

You can follow me on Facebook on :   facebook ;  Also, you can find me on Twitter at: bowlerx12  or  souldancer52

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  1. Glad to see you’re doing so well!
    Life is good here in TN.. God’s been gracious – hope you can say the same..
    Take care of you!
    Grace and peace,

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