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Graduation Day 4/5/13
Graduation Day 4/5/13

Well finely it has happened!  Graduation has come and gone.  This was such a wonderful journey that I hated for it to end but at the same time I’m so glad it has.  I have such a respect for the staff members and all of the students who actually finished there journey to graduate.   I received many compliments and a great deal of encouragement from so many people and staff members at the school, that made this time so well worth my efforts.  I have endeavored many projects outside of the school and met so many new people that I grew up idolizing through my 20’s and 30’s that it just blows my mind.  Because of the structure of the school it allows you as a student to really look past what is just in front of you and look at the big picture.

The school staff was so helpful in shaping my train of thought to which direction I would like to pursue.  One thing I can say about the staff members of the school is that most are coming from real live experience in the industry and know what it takes to make it in the field.  They have been working for some very famous people and worked on many films that even brought Academy Awards.  So when the staff teach us, it is from experience as well as education.  I would like to give special thanks to a few choice staff members because they gave me a lot of help by taking time out to listening to me and helping me with any problem I encountered at the school.  First I would like to thank Joe Byron who helped me get some students to help with some outside projects that allowed me to get some experience in the field and be able to put together a team of individuals who I can depend on for future projects.  Joe also made it possible for me to have my new friends Wayne Vaughn and family, who was one of the producers and song writers for Earth Wind & fire, come to the school and give a little seminar and perform a few songs for the students.   I want to also extend special thanks to Leslie BatesPedro From Film Sound, Brian Wallace, Candace Koller, Scott Gutierrez and Steve Miller.  These individuals all help me in many ways that made the school so much more fun and a blessing to be a student.  Because of their particular classes they teach, I have had a lot of great contacts and information that I know will be the future of my career.

So on that note, watch out because I’m ready for my new career and you will hear my name in the next 5 years!!

Thank you LA Film School and all of my fellow students who have helped me and been there through out the school term.  Love you all and wish all the best in the future.


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