Drone University

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This weekend is my Drone University training class.  My associate and I will be training to get our 107 certificate and have the credentials to fly just about anywhere.  So looking forward to this session for we have some big plans for our business.   Take a look at one of our latest videos below.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to visit our website at vdore.media  or vdo.media.


Update needed

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I just wanted to update my blog site to show what is happening now.  I am in Orange Co. and happily married.  I have started a new business with a good friend of mine Michael G, we are planning to make this an adventurous journey.  I will be posting different steps along the way and hopefully I can peak your interest.  Since I have graduated from LA Film School in 2014 my career has taken a big change.  I am now doing videos { Real Estate virtual tours, commercial & residential drone photography, training and music }.  You can visit our sites to get a preview of the different types we are working on.  http://www.vdore.media  and  http://www.vdo.media

For those of you who are wondering how to say these: VDORE = Video Real Estate.media  &  VDO = Video.media.

We have a few projects in the works and look forward to creating some good things.  Please check in from time to time and see the progress.